So many double meanings in one post!

Gewe3000 once again.I would love a 6000$ little black box

Ye Olde Rules

I Have Added The Rules.

Please be aware of them. Please read them. Please adhere to them. I feel that they are relatively simple, and not very demanding. They will be located at This Link for all eternity. Please refer to them if you are unsure of something.

Thank you, and enjoy the site.

-xXBrudu BXx

She trolled him good

Credit to one Gewe3000


Testing New Imagehost

Are they both trolls?

Credit goes to JKoss. Keep up the good work people.
Silly trolls

Which time was he being a troll?….

All Credit for this one goes to xnormajeanx. Thanks!
Woo our first troll. Keep em' coming