The Law

ObviousTroll Rules

The Following is The Law of The Blog. Please Adhere To All Rules.

The Rules Are As Follow:

1. All submitted images and comments are not to be sexist in nature. If they are, they WILL NOT be accepted.

a. Everyone can appreciate a good kitchen, sammitch, or male weakness joke, but please keep it from being offensive.

b. If comments are found to be sexist, they will be deleted, and the user will face a possible ban.

2. Please do not submit or post in a comment anything racist. It will be declined, and comments bring about the possibility of a ban.

3. Please do not submit or comment anything regarding sexual orientation. This is often found offensive, or makes certain people uncomfortable. For the good of the community, anything regarding this can cause a ban.

4. Please do not submit any images containing nudity. They will be declined.

5. Please do not submit or comment anything that suggests sexual action towards an minor. This will result in an immediate ban.

6. Please do not submit any grotesque and/or disturbing images or comments.

7. And last but certainly not least, please do not harass or flame other members. This can result in a ban, and is bad for the community.

If contacted by an Administrator, (which includes xXBrudu BXx, and Justice4all1993) please do what they ask of you. If you are threatened with a ban and do not comply, you will be banned.


One Response to “The Law”

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